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[Jul. 18th, 2005|04:09 pm]
[feelers: |boredbored]

went to intonation music festival this past weekend....had a lovely time. bands of note: out hud for their dancing fever, go!team for including an array of small black hoochie dancing children during their last song, les savvy fav for the amazing amount of costume changes, and the wrens for actually embodying everything that music is all about...sigh.
texted fred telling him about the wrens and he called asking me to leave him msgs while they were playing. i attempted to do so, but was too close to the stage for any of them to turn out. we chatted briefly, and it was very liberating for some reason, though very saddening at the same time that i was in a place that i felt he should have been as well. they played 'she sends kisses' and i nearly cried....looked over at zach and i am fairly certain he knew why. i have not necessarily delved into my past relationships with zach, as he doesn't ask, nor do i think i am really ready to admit that the last one haunts me pretty frequently (Well, at least since seeing fred in az last month). i don't know.

i have been slacking on the GRE studying recently....giving into the fact that i'm in a relationship and that it is always more fun to do absolutely nothing with zach than to study by myself. i don't really know what is going on with my relationship currently, not sure where i want it go, but it is relatively stable and comfortable.....things i want for the future, but not necessarily right now. blargh. relationships are lame.

i need some excitement.....and....go.