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justin called me last week from phx telling me a jew a few degrees… - shock on... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Apr. 27th, 2005|10:48 am]
[feelers: |disappointeddisappointed]

justin called me last week from phx telling me a jew a few degrees removed called him to see if he was going to be brett's best man. curious, he called me to see if i had heard any news of such a disastrous event and i admitted that brett had not responded to my emails since i left phx and that his # had changed. sent out another friendster msg to him, most likely in vain, as it never seemed to work before. got an email this morning from him stating that he had gotten his ex/current gf (i have no idea what she is anymore...other than evil) pregnant and they were going to have a quicky wedding this summer. he stated that she miscarried last week and now the marriage was not really a priority any longer. hm.

seemingly, this seems to be the way of the men i date and love....they knock girls up and rush to get married, and then are afraid to tell me about it. oh well. i just have to shake my head in disbelief about the lack of knowledge out there...yes, ladies and gentlemen...birth control IS effective. yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is even partially covered by most medical insurance companies. yes, ladies and gentlemen, the 'pull-out' method is synonymous with 'a little ejaculate goes a long way towards baby making' method. yes, ladies and gentlemen, babies are cute...but only when you have the means and the love to make their lives lovely...yep, theirs...not yours. sigh. this stuff makes me kinda sick.

perhaps these babies were made in love, and certainly they would be loved upon being born....but it just seems so false to accept such a 'mistake' as being shrug-worthy. blargh.

i am in an odd mood...headache, hoodie, and horny.

the pirate and i are doing quite well thus far....4 dates in 8 days...the sex stuff is gonna need some work, though (haven't even reached the actual sex part even)...

i am going to volunteer at lollapalooza in chicago this year...hopefully i can just get in free and run away and have no one see me for the rest of the day so i can see blonde redhead, dinosaur jr and the pixies. *dreams*

i've been reading jeffrey rowlands comic @ http://wigu.com/overcompensating/
it's fabulous, and i truly hope his mustache is as fu-manchu in real life as his comic self depicts.